How to speed up your website using Partytown

The Problem

You may have tried to make your website faster. But no matter how many different things you try, it is just too slow. You try to figure out the root cause of this and come to find it is the 3rd party analytics script you added. What can you do?

The solution: Partytown

Partytown is an open source solution to this problem. It can improve speeds of websites by tenfold. Follow their getting started guide to try it for your self!

How does it work?

Partytown keeps 3rd party scripts inside of a service worker. A service worker is just javascript that runs on another thread. Javascript is a single-threaded language, but modern javascript allows you to register a service worker in the browser. Partytown will first check if the browser it is running in supports service workers and then will register one in which it puts all third-party scripts into.

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