How I made this website

If you are reading this there is a high probability you stumbled upon this site(how else are you reading it then hm?). In this article I will discuss the technologies I used to make this site.

Tech Stack

Why did I choose each of these technologies?

First lets talk about why I chose astro. For this site, it was going to be 100% static so SSR wasn’t required at all. I also wanted fast performance and not shipping an entire gigabyte’s worth of javascript to the browser. For this reason, I chose astro. Astro is content focused, very fast(shipping javascript only when actually required), and being very simple to host as the build files are just static files that can be cached on a CDN.

Next, lets talk about Vercel. I have had great experiences with vercel as it is simple to use, feature rich(amazing people at vercel working on what feels like something new to get excited about everyday), and reliable. I honestly think that the competitors don’t compare and I won’t get vendor-locked in since I can easily switch a static website over.

Last, lets talk about simple analytics. I want to be able to analyze website traffic and see performance of my site without spying on users for a big tech corporation. I also don’t want a huge script slowing down the site. Simple Analytics seemed to be the best option here. It was based in the EU(with strict privacy laws), had a tiny script, and collected basically nothing compared to google analytics. This was an easy choice for me to make.

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